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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Technology Thursday: Apps I love

I am sort of a tech nerd so I am always searching through new apps on the iTunes store. Below are a few of my recent favorites.What are your favorite apps? I'm always looking for more....

Runkeeper - the one thing  I hate about running outside is that it's hard to accurately track how far you've gone. Runkeeper is AWESOME. You put it on at the beginning of a run and it tracks you through GPS. You can pick how often  it alerts you of how far you've gone in what amount of time. It tracks calories and then keeps a record of all of your runs, where you went, how far you went, your times, etc. You can also change songs or pause without disrupting your run, which is key. Another perk: you can set alarms for the app to remind you to get your a$$ out to run! This is the best running app I've seen on the market.

Print Studio - I downloaded this app because I wanted to print some of my instagram and iPhone pics and was shocked at how user friendly and wonderful this app was. It was so good that I went on iTunes and wrote a glowing review (my first I swear - yes, I know, I'm a huge nerd). I haven't received my photos yet but I will check back when I do! I couldn't recommend this app more.

Key Ring - sick of having a million little plastic guys on your key chain and membership cards in your wallet? This nifty app will keep the barcode electronically in one place. They can either pull it up via email or phone number or you can scan the barcode in for safekeeping.

Drybar - I love drybar and this app makes it simple to make appointments and then check when you have them booked. It is so easy to use, I prefer it over going on the physical website or calling. If you are a  drybar fan definitely download this.

MNR - this will only be relevant to people who commute to NYC or who have families who live in Westchester/Fairfield county but the metro north app is awesome. It is wayyyy better than their website and you can check train times, how long the ride is and where they stop in an instant. I believe they also have one for the LIRR.

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