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Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday! (and some changes)

Hi everyone! This week really flew by (not complaining!) I had a great weekend last weekend with Riley and Lauren and my friends who were in town for my bday. We had a fantastic dinner Friday and the weather for wonderfulllll (pics below).

So tomorrow I impulsively signed up for Baci di Sole, courtesy of De Beradinis Salon, and am so so nervous but excited. I've never colored my hair before and even made an appointment last summer for ombre but chickened out. Baci di sole is a specialty of de beradinis where they basically just put a "touch of sun" in your hair (watch the video here). It's supposed to make you look like you just spent a month or two in the Mediterranean in the sun and swimming in the ocean. It's super low maintenance and they don't touch your roots so if I decide I don't like it I can literally just get a haircut in a month and it will be pretty much back to normal. Friends - do not talk me out of this! I'm doing it! I also signed up for a keratin (got an awesome groupon for the same salon!) next weekend, which you're supposed to do after coloring and not before because the dye strips out the keratin. Some hair inspiration below. 

Another first - I'm trying an intro Cross Fit class tonight and signed up for 3 weeks of elements classes. I promise I won't become one of those people who starts blogging about how many squats and deadlifts I did that day but I can promise to share with you how it goes (how my body feels, any changes I see, pros/cons, etc.) I am also starting my 30 day paleo challenge, which is my own version of this. I did paleo for Lent and felt amazing. I've really been off the wagon since then so hoping to really get motivated. Many crossfitters eat paleo because they work really well together and I'm excited to get started. To learn more about paleo, read my post on it here. A typical day's food below:

Upon waking: Drink 10oz of water right when you wake up
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, touch of homemade salsa (I'll post the recipe next week), 8 oz of water
Mid morning: 10oz of water, 1 cup of green tea (still trying to figure out if I want to incorporate coffee - may try this recipe for a green tea matcha shot)
Lunch: 5oz of chicken, mixed veggies, 2 tbsp of hummus, 10oz of water
Afternoon: 1 apple with 1 tbsp of almond butter (peanut butter is off limits), 10oz of water
Dinner: Maple glazed salmon with brussel sprouts, 10 oz of water
After dinner: hot water with lemon

Drinking lots of water is key as is eating enough to feel full and be able to do the workouts.I'll weigh in and do measurements only once a week and still play squash and do stretching.

Anyways, sorry for the extremely long post but I'm super excited for all of the changes coming my way and for a fresh start this fall! Have a great weekend everyone!

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