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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Technology Thursday: Raved

As many of you know, I am moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer and one of the things I am so excited for is the influx of healthy eateries! While NYC has some of the best restaurants in the world, LA seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to healthy food trends. One of the ways I like to keep all of my favorite restaurants and restaurants I want to go to organized is an application called Raved. I can create lists like "Restaurants I Want to Go to in LA" and "Best Bars in NYC." It doesn't just have restaurants, Raved has clothing boutiques, salons and spas. You can follow "uber ravers" like Bobby Flay and GQ magazine and you can search by cities and categories. You can also follow me because I got uber raver status!  
When you click on a restaurant, store, spa, etc., it brings you to a screen where you can see who raved it and what people are saying. The great thing is that they only publish comments from "uber ravers" so it gets rid of over-eager business owners yelping their restaurant a million times. I recently searched for best hair salons in Greenwich and was happy to check out the comments and raves. They also have menus built in as well as the phone number, website and ability to connect to open table to make reservations.
I am hooked! There are so many great restaurants I want to eat in and shops I want to shop in when I get to the West Coast and this is the perfect way to keep them organized. It is also a great travel app. Say I was visiting Houston and wanted to see what the best restaurants are and quickly scan the menus - done! You can also check out where your friends love to eat and save amazing lists.
I highly recommend this app for anyone living in a metropolitan area or anyone who will be visiting a metropolitan area who wants to find out what people are saying about the best restaurants, spas, stores, etc.

I added a Raved social icon on the side of my blog and you can also find my profile here! Download the app and see what Raved is all about. It is an absolute must-have.

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