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Monday, December 3, 2012

Health Post of the Day: Cleanses

I've pretty much tried every diet in the book and most last less than a day. I've done the blue print cleanse, which was an awesome 3 day juice cleanse, the dukan diet, a diet consisting mainly of protein, and many more. This week I'm embarking on a farm fresh soup cleanse journey with two of my co-workers. The Splendid Spoon is New York's first farm fresh, organic soup cleanse. Basically, you make your own breakfast (I decided to have a strawberry/orange smoothie with organic vanilla protein powder) and then you have two soups (one for lunch and one for dinner). A soup cleanse is the winter answer to a juice cleanse because sometimes you just need to eat something hot in December. I'm a little nervous that I'll be hungry, as the soups are under 300 calories, but a 3 days cleanse is just what I need right now after Thanksgiving and before Christmas (not to mention Mexican night last night). 

The soups today are spicy sweet potato and mushroom barley. The cleanse is vegetarian, dairy and gluten free so I decided I'll make my breakfast gluten free and dairy free, as well. I put unsweetened almond milk in my coffee this morning instead of the regular skim milk I use. Yes, you can drink coffee (a must for me). A couple hours in and I feel okay but who knows how long I'll last... At least the Victoria's Secret fashion show is on tomorrow. It will be a much needed push of inspiration as my diet starts to slip!

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