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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Part 1 - The Americas

I've recently really gotten the itch to travel so I thought that I would deem the next few Tuesdays "Travel Tuesdays" and share some of the places I'd like to visit. I also thought it might be fun to share my "dream hotel" in those places. Because I did buy a Powerball and, you never know, right?? There are wayyy more places I want to go to in the Americas but I thought I'd share 5 of my top choices.

My co-worker, Sara, recently did a trip with her husband, Michael, up the coast of California and she said their favorite stop was Big Sur. The Post Ranch Inn is the hotel to stay in and she said you feel like you're sleeping in a tree house in the clouds. 

 I'm dying to go to Banff National Park (specifically Lake Louise) after seeing it on the Bachelor (yes, really) and after obsessing over stunningggg photos on Pinterest. Located in the Alberta Provence in western Canada, the natural beauty is breathtaking in any season.

I've been to the Adirondacks before but The Point is in a league of its own. My parents went for my mom's birthday one year in the Fall and they stayed in the coziest most wonderful cabin, had amazing food, kayaked amongst the gorgeous leaves and played backgammon in their room with drinks and a roaring fire. SIGN ME UP. Summer would also be ideal with lots of boating/water activities available and a real "camp" feel.

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I studied Spanish in school for years and although I have been over to Spain briefly, I've never been to South America after learning all about it. I also took a wine tasting course in college and some of my favorite wines came from South America. Wine + culture + good weather.....

After reading a book about the Galapagos in ninth grade, I have been intrigued by the islands and all of the species it holds. The only con is that it is sort of a hike to get there but seeing a blue-footed boobie would be pretty neat...

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