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Monday, November 3, 2014

My Life Lately 11.3.14

My life lately has been hectic but great! My sister, Lulu, visited a few weekends ago and it was so great to see her and we ate at some awesome restaurants to show her the town! Other highlights from October included going to my very first country concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Luke Bryan was amazing! We moved to a new office for johnnie-O, which is so much bigger and better. My friend, Will, visited a few weeks ago and I can't wait for more visits from friends. I suppose my visit to Raleigh was in September, but that was also a Fall highlight!
As for recently, I flew back from the East Coast this morning and had such a great Fall weekend at home. Although it was a bit cold, it was amazing to see my brother and friends run in the NYC Marathon and crush it. I particularly enjoyed an true New York spread of bagels and lox and cream cheese - and mimosas, of course! I also loved getting to see my pups. I have to say, I had lost that loving feeling with Manhattan but after getting a bit of distance, I see it in a completely different light and am happy that I have a romantic and lovely view of the city once again.
Back on the West Coast and things are busy at work and school but I am absolutely loving this West Coast "Fall" weather. I cut my hair about 4-5 inches and it feels SO much better. Don't you love a good chop?? Tory and I are throwing a beer and grilled cheese party that we are so excited for, my friend Cristine will be out in LA for the month, my family is coming out for Thanksgiving and Riley comes out for a few days when they play the Kings. So many fun things to look forward to this November!! Not to mention many more beach days ahead.

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