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Monday, January 4, 2016

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

What an amazing year! Business at johnnie-O is booming and I graduated with an advanced degree from FIDM in Apparel Industry Management this December. It was wild navigating school and work but I am so glad I did the program and happy for some more free “me" time this year. Life in LA has been pretty great and looking forward to an even better year this year. There are a  couple of things I want to focus on, though Not very different than my resolutions from last year but I find it so helpful to write and memorialize my goals.

Blog More - I am back!! and I have some amazing and fun things coming up to share with you all. Thanks for staying patient while I finished school and could free up some time for MM. More collaborations and original content. Fun stuff. 

That's a great suggestion, Ted. I will definitely write a post on that...

Cooking and Meal Prep- Last year I was really really bad and did not cook at home a lot. This year I plan to do more meal prep on Sundays and cook more meals during the week. I love searching pinterest for new soup and smoothie and dressing and paleo recipes and having healthy options in the fridge definitely helps me stay on track. I like to start off the year doing a meal delivery program. I love Paleo Delivers and Fitness Kitchen LA. 1-2 weeks of healthy meals can get me on track for the rest of the month (and hopefully year!). I like to do paleo for January to shed some of the extra holiday pounds.

Vince meal prepped, I watched. Not exactly healthy...

Fitness - This is a biggie. Last year I was so busy with work and school but I have no excuses this year. For the first 2 months of the year, I am training with the study LA, where they will give me an initial consult and personalized training plan. I’ll go in 3x a week and it's my intention to carry this 3-4x a week workout schedule throughout the year. LA is filled with great workout classes and with such great weather, I can bike, hike and run outside just about any time of year. This is my biggest resolution and I want to stay on track here. Wish me luck...

Playing with the pups while browsing on the web does NOT count.

Drink Less - January is officially a dry month. After lots of overindulging over the holidays (and pretty much all of 2015), it’s time to reset. While I’m abstaining from drinking all of January I’m hoping the positive health effects carry over throughout the year. When I’m not drinking, I consume less calories from alcohol and from hungover food and I burn more calories because I get out on the weekends more. I also just get a lot more done and have a clear head and better skin.

Harder than it sounds....

Save More - While it’s hard to say no to the new handbag, and I know I won’t always, it’s important to save and invest for the future.

Chose the handbag last year. A few times...

Pretty generic and big goals but hoping putting it out there for you all will help me stay on track! Here's to a great 2016!

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