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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recap 11.7.12

I haven't had much of a chance to catch up on my blog, lots of pictures, not as many words, but wanted to fill everyone in on what I've been up to lately. The Saturday before Sandy I packed a bag and headed home to Connecticut to brace for the storm. Monday morning we decided to pack up and head north to our house on Queechy Lake, which was less likely to lose power. It paid off. The storm barely hit the Berkshires and my parents returned home to no power. They're going on 10 days without power in Connecticut (that's a whole lot of together time!).

Thursday afternoon I was set to fly out to Charlotte, NC to visit my boyfriend but things were not looking good. After spending 3 hours on buses, subways and taxis, I thought there was no way I would make my 6pm flight (I got to security at 5:38). I made it though (don't know how) and it was smooth sailing from there. I was set to come back Sunday morning to support my best friend and brother in the NY marathon but it was sadly cancelled. On the bright side, it was inexpensive to book a new flight home and I got to see stay longer in Charlotte and see Riley's home opener and his parents who were visiting. I always have such a great time in Charlotte and it's always fun to spend time with friends (I even ran into Claire Danes in the workout room- I'm a huge Homeland fan so this was HUGE!)

 I also got to spend time at Spruce at Mariani Gardens in Armonk, NY with my mom. The store was filled with great furniture, home decor and flowers. I took so many photos my mom thought I was going to be asked to leave (I wasn't) but I wanted to make sure I could share a couple of my favorites here.We also stopped by the Pine Cone Hill outlet in Pittsfield, MA while up at the lake and I finally found a great and inexpensive rug!

In other news, Bloomingdale's is having a 20% sale this week...I'm in trouble...

After a almost a week off from work, back to the grind... Have a great week!

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