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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Site to Know: Warby Parker

While I don't wear glasses, I can appreciate a good pair of specs. I haven't ventured into the non-prescription land of glasses yet but I'm really considering it. There is something so chic about a great pair of glasses and they can really transform your whole look.

Warby Parker has unbelievably cute glasses at great prices (around $95 a pair). When you log onto the site you can browse through all of their adorable merchandise and pick 5 pairs to be sent to you. They send you non-prescription pairs and let you keep them for five days (one pair for each day!). You return all of the pairs and then go onto the site and order the ones you like with the appropriate prescription. I actually had a hard time just picking out 5 to be sent to me... they really are so cute. They also have sunglasses that can have prescriptions put in. WP has a few showrooms in NYC for my local friends.With free shipping, try ons and returns, Warby Parker is the best site to find the perfect pair of specs for you!

Visit the site here

And of course- some inspiration!

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