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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Life Lately 1.16.13

I can't believe I haven't done an update since December 27th but it's been crazy busy and I have lots to share! I had a fantastic New Year's Eve in Boca Grande and was happy to have a somewhat low key evening with my family. Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without Tory getting up and performing with the Boca Grande Band. It's becoming somewhat of a tradition...

Billy and I flew back from Florida on New Year's day and I got right back to work on the 2nd. The vacation was much needed and I felt recharged enough to tackle the beginning of the year. My parents and Robby stayed through the week and got to go to the Notre Dame/Alabama game. Needless to say they left, sulking, at half time...

I did a lengthy post of my 2013 resolutions and so far I've been keeping up with a couple of them. My diet has gotten a bit better. Instead of my usual penne a la vodka and chicken tikka masala that I order in on Thursday nights (and Tuesday...), I've been opting for healthier option like Blue Print Cleanse's green drink (which you can now order on Fresh Direct and they sell them at some Whole Foods as individual bottles- amazing right?), wraps or salads from Fuel Grill & Juice Bar, or cooking at home.My working out hasn't been as often as I want but work has been great and busy so I'll cut myself some slack for a week or so. I have been doing more weight training and less cardio so we'll see how that goes.

I've also finally seen Juliet's apartment. One step closer to being a better friend and visiting all of my friends!
I spent a couple nights at home in Greenwich and it was great to spend time catching up with the dogs.

I've had a couple great weekends in the city filled with birthday parties and fun nights out. I got to celebrate Abigail and Caroline's 23rd birthday on two separate nights and we had an awesome dinner at Jo's, which was a sort of Italian/Asian mix with fantastic vegetable dumplings and fun cocktails.

I even (finally) organized my closet and scrubbed clean my whole apartment. I even got 2x2 photos to put in the frames by my bed. 

This past weekend I had the best dinner at Beauty + Essex with my siblings minus Billy (Robby, Lulu and Tory) and my cousins Louisa and Molly. It was so much fun to catch up and laugh. I honestly think Lulu had one of the best nights of her life. All of my friends were commenting on how she looks older than me now and she even got a virgin cocktail to match her older sisters! Louisa and my sisters also gave me some amazing advice on my blog. Sometimes it takes a family member to really give it to you straight and I'm really taking to heart their constructive criticism (more "my life latelys," less photos per post and focus more on which photos I really like, more collages like I used to do!)

On Saturday, we shopped in Flatiron and we saw this amazingggg hot pink vespa in C. Wonder. Would it be weird if I actually got it? Cause I'm thinking about it...

This coming weekend I'm visiting Riley in Charlotte. He only has one game and it's a long weekend so I'm looking forward to some good QT. We're thinking about trying out a few new restaurants (or at least I am...) but we may end up going back to CowFish, which was incredible (it's a "sushi/burger bar" odd combo but amazing food and atmosphere). If you're ever in the Charlotte area, I recommend checking it out. The weekend couldn't come quick enough! Sorry for my rambling but isn't the point of a blog to write?? Have a great week everyone! 

PS - My "firm friend,"Sara, got a Celine bag for Christmas. The comments from my sisters when I sent them the pic were priceless but I have to admit I'm a little jealous too. How AMAZING is the color??

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