Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Mood Board

Hope everyone's January is going well. The city has been pretty mild weather wise and the sun has even come out a few times. I decided to create a January "mood board" and it's filled with lots of subdued colors you would expect from January. There are lots of grays and blacks and whites and a few pops of red. I love the navy and blue of the bed in the top left corner as well as the velvet and luxe materials in the living room below the cars. I particularly like that they painted the bookshelves and door frame a glossy black (something I want to try in the future)! The bathroom also has painted black accents, which I love. As for the artwork I chose, I love the smudged look of both the cars and the ladies in dresses. What would be on your January mood board? I can't wait for my spring mood board when I can really go crazy with colors and pastels!



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