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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Shopbop Event of the Season

Okay, guys. Get ready to shop. As many of you know, Shopbop is one of my favorite sites and when they have a sale, I like to take advantage. A couple of my favorites below!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Loving Right Now

Phlur: Jumping on the "do you know where your products are made" bandwagon, Phlur uses beautiful packaging that don't damage the environment. I did the try it at home kit and loved all three fragrances, which is rare for me, since I'm pretty picky. I ultimately decided to go with Olmstead + Vaux, which is touted as a bright, crisp and ultimately clean fragrance with notes of shies leaf, white ginger and orange. I also loved Hanami and Greylocke. These fragrances are pretty unisex and don't make me sick from smelling them too much (yes, that happens sometimes...).

Lake Pajamas: Confession - I am obsessed with pajamas. I'm very particular though. I have to be wearing a t-shirt (not tank) with either pants or shorts and they have to be really really really soft. Did I mention soft? I'd also like to look semi cute. These Lake Pajamas are swoon-worthy and soft. 

Nine Fair Custom Backgammon Boards: I've gotten this fabulous wedding backgammon board for two of my best friends and I have been SO ecstatic with both. While buying off the registry is a safe bet, when it's a close friend and you know they'd appreciate something a little different to commemorate their wedding, this should be a go-to. They're a little pricey but they are so gorgeous.

Closed: This European brand has sprung onto my radar and while expensive, I cannot get enough of it. My sister got the most amazinggg mint green, reversible, shearling coat last year from Closed and I don't think I have ever been more jealous of one of her pieces. From amazing coats and knits to fabulous bottoms, I wish I could spend my whole paycheck on this brand. 

Ritual vitamins: Ritual vitamins have everything you need in a vitamin and nothing you don't and they source from the finest ingredients. Especially made for women, the company is super open about exactly what is in the vitamins and they don't use any fillers or synthetic materials. The only other thing I take in the morning is a probiotic so the ritual vitamins definitely save me some time. With it's subscription-based model, you'll never be out of vitamins. My mom even swears they give her a little energy boost. 

White + Warren travel scarf: My first cashmere sweater was from White +Warren and I've been pretty loyal ever since. Last year, my mom got me a hot pink White + Warren travel scarf and, to call it a scarf is a little unfair since it can literally be used as a travel blanket. These are SO soft and luxe. I've got my eye on a more neutral light blue color.


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