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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ornate Fireplaces

Loving these stunning fireplaces!
 via Architectural Digest
A fireplace in the kitchen? Yes please!

This massive outdoor fireplace will keep you warm on a cool summer night
You can never go wrong with herringbone.
 via House Beautiful
Gorgeous woodwork and funky accents
 via InStyle
One day I shall have a place with a fireplace like this!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Impressions

I've seen a ton of fun and quirky welcome mats recently and I'm thinking I may need one for my new place in LA (when I find one that is...).

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fashion Crush of the Day: Keri Russell

With all-American looks and style, Keri Russell always looks put-together and her outfit choices are just right. The former Felicity star's closet is full of stripes, neutrals and well-structured pieces. The girl knows how to rock denim, whether white or colored. Below are a few of my favorite looks.

 source unknown

 via Elle




 source unknown


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pre-Fall Wishlist

I know it's not even August but when cozy sweaters and luxe materials start making their way onto my favorite sites, I can't help but get excited for Fall and giddy about the leaves changing. Below are a few things I'm dying to to add to my wardrobe.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mid-Summer Reading List

I love reading on the beach so I am constantly needing new books to start in the summer. Below are four that I couldn't put down. Beatriz Williams, whose books have appeared on all three of my most recent reading lists, is currently my favorite writer. She writes amazing love stories with strong, witty female protagonists. So bummed I missed her book signing in Greenwich, as are my sisters who are the only two people in my un-official book club (we're taking applicants)! I'm currently reading "Me Before You: A Novel" by Jojo Moyes and I am surprisingly sucked in. "Sweet Filthy Boy" is a romance novel with some international flair and "The American Heiress" is next on my list. What are you guys reading? Please share!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

European Adventures

I am back in the USA and truly had the most amazing trip to Europe. I had spent a bit of time in Italy previously but I had never been to Switzerland and I will definitely be going back. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world with diverse terrain, nice people and great food.

My family and I (all seven of us) landed in Zurich and took the train to Bern (our namesake!). We stayed at the lovely Hotel Schweizerhof. It was so great to stay in a nice hotel after not sleeping on the plane. It was located right in the center of town and had great food and comfy beds. We only had one day in Bern so we wasted no time and went on a great tour of the city (thanks for planning, Tory!). Bern is so incredibly charming - I totally fell in love.

The next day we took the train through the Swiss Alps to St. Moritz, where we were picked up and driven to our hotel in the mountains. Hotel Sonne Fex was one of the most refreshing and wonderful places I've been in my entire life. Forget rehab and retreats, I felt completely recharged and fresh after spending 4 nights there. My grandparents have been going there for years and it was so special to be able to spend time with them at their favorite hotel. We went on the most stunning hikes and the wildflowers and scenery were breathtaking. The food was fabulous and the hotel staff was attentive and it really felt like a family retreat.

After four amazing days, we spent a full day traveling to Forte dei Marmi on the coast in Italy. Known as Forte by people in the know (which we obviously weren't), the town has amazing shopping and great beaches. I also enjoyed some of the freshest seafood I've ever had. After four days of hiking, it was nice to relax on the beach. We stayed at the Hotel Hermitage and it was perfect for our big family (plus free wifi!).

Our last stop was Milan, where I wish we could have spent more than one night! We stayed at the Rosa Grand hotel, which was in the BEST location and we did quite a bit of shopping and sight seeing. We also ate an amazing restaurant, Da Giacamo, where we all proclaimed that the whole family would be on a strictly enforced diet upon return the US (kidding - kind of...).

I am so lucky to have gone on such an incredible trip and I really hope that I have the opportunity to go back! I'm also so thankful that I was able to spend so much time with my family, both immediate and extended. I will be making regular updates now that I'm back but I'm off to Chicago and Michigan for the week tomorrow so I can't promise you won't be bombarded with "my life latelys" and "travel Tuesdays!"


Monday, July 7, 2014

Out of Office: Euro Trip

Happy Monday everyone! I am currently stuffing my bag full of hiking clothes and beach wear as I am heading to Europe tonight. First stop is an overnight flight to Zurich, Switzerland and then off to Bern (my name sake)! After a day of exploring, we're loading up on the train en route to the Fex Valley to my grandparent's favorite hotel in the world. Located high up in the mountains, there are no cars allowed and apparently the beauty is unparalleled. I'm looking forward to the great food, hikes and views. After our Swiss adventure, we are cruising through Italy to Forte dei Marmi for three nights of sun and sand and, apparently, the best seafood in the country. We're spending our last night in Milan and then back to the states. Needless to say, I will not be blogging for the next 10 days or so but be sure to follow metropolitan_musings on instagram to get updates!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Chia Pudding

I have been loving chia pudding recently. I love yogurt so when I am on my paleo kicks, I have been turning to this wonderful recipe to satisfy my creamy, sweet breakfast pang. This recipe does require the ingredients to sit overnight but it is super easy. For those who are not inclined to wait that long, check out chia pods in whole foods. Vanilla bean, coffee and banana are my favorite and they have built-in mini spoons for girls (and guys!) on the go. They are also under 200 calories and keep you super full.
Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding
(makes 3 servings)
2 cups of almond milk
1/2 cup of chia seeds
2 tsps of pure organic vanilla extract
1 tsp of cinnamon
2 tsp of pure organic maple syrup
Let the concoction sit in the fridge overnight and enjoy in the morning with fresh fruit or shaved coconut!

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