Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cruiser Bikes

I've been riding cruiser bikes since before I can remember. My grandmother had a bunch of old Schwinn bikes at her house in Michigan that we loved to ride. I always got the red with the basket and my sister, Tory, and cousin, Sarah, shared the yellow one with the banana seat. I've recently noticed an influx of cruisers and lots of designers have started to add their own twists. I almost died when I saw the Lilly Pulitzer one. Target, in their collaboration with Neiman Marcus, are introducing the CUTEST bike by designer Alice+Olivia on December 1st. You can guess where I'll be that day.... These bikes are adorable, help you get a good workout, and are good for the environment. What's not to love??

Riley and me on our old Schwinns

Alice+Olivia for Target/Neiman Marcus bike that I'm dying for

 Adorable Lilly bike

**Most images from pinterest.com


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