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Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Years Ago Today...

Five years ago today, my mom, dad and two sisters and I drove up to Ithaca in the suburban, which was packed to the brim. I was nervous and excited and had no idea what to expect. This was the first day of the rest of my life!! I was officially a college student and as we approached the gates of Cornell, my 17 year old self was ready for a new adventure. Having grown up in Rye, NY and Greenwich, CT my whole life, I was ready to meet new and different people, hear new ideas and learn new things.

 My friends and I celebrating my 18th birthday 

I can easily say that my four years at Cornell have been my best so far. When I walked into my dorm room and met my roommate for the first time I thought, "hmm maybe we'll be acquaintances." I don't think it's that common to find a freshman year roommate that becomes your best friend and soul mate (too much?)...  Either way, I'm thankful for meeting her. I also met my boyfriend there. After years of being surrounded by Greenwich boys I set my sights on a Canadian hockey player that was a just a littttle bit different than the guys back home. 

I made so many amazing friends that will be my friends forever. As much as I cherish the people I met at Cornell, I cherish the experiences I had with them even more. I had my 18th birthday on campus (my first away from home), went on my first wine tour and had my first sake bomb. I played four years of collegiate squash, which culminated with a 6th place national ranking. Speaking of squash, I could not have asked for a better team. I got to travel across the globe to New Zealand my freshman year with them and had so many laughs it would be impossible to count. From Homecoming, to Tacky Formals, fraternity parties, joining a sorority (and living in a bunk room with 7 girls...), lacrosse games, late night pizza, Ithaca farmer's market and the list goes on. Where else can you rake riflery, wine tasting and country club management senior year with all of your friends?? I am so thankful I decided to apply and go to Cornell because the experiences I had there have been unmatched. 

At the same time, as I see current Cornell students put their statuses up that they are heading back up to Ithaca, I don't feel the same pang of jealousy I did last year. I am over a year out and I am excited for the experience ahead of me - the rest of my life. I still get nostalgia over certain things but a lot of my favorite things about Cornell are no longer on campus: the people who were with me. Many are dispersed around the country but I'm lucky enough that many are here in NYC. 

So happy 5 year anniversary of my first day of Cornell. Thanks to the school and people for shaping me into the person I am 5 years later. My 17 year old self had no idea it would have been this good.

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