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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend and the "Super Elixir"

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was in Wilmington, NC for our friends', Bobby and Sarah's, wedding. It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. It was a great weekend!

The great weather has continued in Greenwich, where I am spending Memorial Day, and where I plan on eating at least two lobsters and a soft shell crab at the Field Club's annual cook out. My favorite! Now that I mention my glutenous diet, I should probably mention that our diet starts tomorrow. Translation - after  a mandatory vodka southside and trying every food the dinner buffet has to offer, I will try to tone it down tomorrow.

I recently ordered, and am anxiously awaiting, Elle Macpherson's new Super Elixir, a supplement that Elle herself developed with a doctor and puts in her smoothies every morning It's all-natural and she credits it with making her look and feel good. Now, I don't know if you've seen Elle Macpherson lately but it wouldn't matter since she looks just like she did 25 years ago (hence my purchase of the Super Elixir). According to WellCo, Elle's new company that is selling the product, "The Super Elixir™ by WelleCo is a highly specialised alkalising greens supplement with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist wellness and vitality. The Super Elixir™ powder contains a balanced blend of 45 key ingredients including biovailable alkalising super greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and members of the maitake mushroom family." Sounds good to me!

I'll check back with you guys in a week or so to let you know if I grow to be 6 feet and have blonde hair after taking the supplement. You can buy it here. Enjoy the rest of your day off!

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