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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Products

Is there anything better than new products? Every year I always plan some sort of big health overall (this year I'm doing whole 30 - no drinking, gluten, dairy, processed foods, etc.) and I love getting new makeup and products.

This year, I'm going with this great YSL lipstick that apparently sold out all over Asia after it appeared on a Korean soap opera (no. 52 in rosy coral). You can never have too many mascaras and I hear this Lancome one is great. I'm going for a fun blue color with this new nail color and I've been meaning to try this perfect legs skin lotion. Supermodels rave about the Charlotte Tilbury "Gisele" lotion so it must be good. The Benefit "High Brow" stick apparently opens your eyes  and makes your brows look clean. The dry brush is supposed to increase circulation and Miranda Kerr swears by it. Any products you guys are looking forward to trying? Would love to hear about them!


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