Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday always sneaks up on me. Two weeks and counting! Below are a few things on my list. I'm really hoping for a new winter coat. No, Santa Monica hasn't gotten significantly colder in the last year but I'm planning on making quite a few trips to Boston and CT so I'll definitely need to be bundled up. Similarly, a new scarf and boots would be great. The bag of the moment I'm loving is the Balenciaga suede little number below. I love the black one but gray is also pretty darn cute. A couple fall tops and day dresses would round out my Fall wardrobe nicely. My friend, Morgan, has the huge Baies candle and it is so cool. 26 isn't such a big birthday so I probably won't get any of these things but there's always Christmas !! : ) 

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