Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travel in Style: Airport Essentials

Thursday night I'm flying to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my boyfriend. Well, I'm hoping to fly Thursday night. With the power outages and widespread destruction due to Hurricane Sandy, who knows if I'll get out but my fingers (and toes) are crossed! I'm projecting positive vibes and have been inspired to do a travel post. Below are some essentials for a weekend getaway.

1. Cashmere travel blanket // 2. Raw unsalted almonds // 3. Open wrap cardigan // 4. Diane Von Furstenburg iPad case with iPad 3 // 5. Smart Water // 6. Bose headphones // 7. Blair Ritchey travel cases // 8. iPhone 5 // 9. Fresh travel kit

Below are some luggage, cosmetic cases, totes and shoes that will make your trip more comfortable and fashionable. 

Travel Outfit Options

*Pictures from Pinterest.com

Finally, I never fly without my Saint Christopher necklace and a cocktail. I hope everyone is safe and recovering from the storm-- pray that I can get out and everyone that needs help gets it!


  1. I'm projecting positive vibes and have been inspired to do a travel post. Below are some essentials for a weekend getaway.

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