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Friday, February 22, 2013

My Life Lately 2.22.13

Hi everyone! Aren't four day weeks the best?? The week flew by, which never happens in the working world. I had the best weekend in San Francisco this past weekend (so much so that I'm considering a move...) and was not happy coming back to the cold. When is the Spring going to be here because I cannot wait any longer! I stayed with my best friend, Jen, and got to see a bunch of old Cornell friends including one of my favorite people in the world, miss Liza Stokes, former Cornell squash teammate!

The weather was incredible all weekend and on Saturday we did what we thought would be a one hour hike. Four hours later, we realized we actually did have a lot to catch up on (and got a good workout in)! The views were beautiful and I was being corny and loving the air and the sun and how "fresh" everything was. 

After the hike, we walked around Mill Valley, which was absolutely adorable. The foodie in me was DYING over the Tyler Florence store, all the organic food and the fact that they had almond milk in all their coffee shops (NYC has got to get their shiz together). I wanted to move into the TF store. They had the best stuff!

Saturday night, Jen, Liza and I went to an awesome Asian restaurant called Betelnut. It was so great to have two of my favorite people finally meet and we had an awesome time. I gave up dairy and gluten for lent, hence the "no cheese zone" picture. Easter couldn't come soon enough...

We, unfortunately, didn't get to see Jen's sister Courtney and her husband John (one of my all time favorite couples) because they were in Carmel for the weekend but I did get to see their amazing apartment. I was dying over the slightly masculine feel of it. Jen thought I was a little weird whipping out my iPhone to take photos but how could I resist the cowhide rug and perfect backgammon scene?!

On Sunday we shopped around and went to a boozy brunch at a great place called Circa. Afterwards, we went to the park with awesome views of the bridge and hung out with friends. The weather could not have been better. Sunday evening, Jen and I watched the Beyonce documentary, which was awesome.

I had some amazing food (and drinks!) out there and wasn't killing myself that I had decided to give up my favorite foods for lent (although the no beer was a bit of a struggle...). Jen and I went to this awesome ice cream place where I got to have soft serve with nutella mixed in. YUM! The chocolate strawberries were a nice surprise from Riley for VDay and my coworkers were pretty psyched about them too. Moscow mules were the drink of choice for the weekend. If you haven't had one, make sure to order one next time you're out. The cold copper glasses make them 100 times better so if you're at a place that has them, it's worth it to inquire about what they'll be served in...

Monday night, I had the red eye but was lucky enough not to miss Riley's first NHL game of the season against Montreal. Liza, Jen and I got weird stares when we were the only ones in the bar at 4:30pm asking to switch the the Canes game. The Red Eye was awesome courtesy of my Ambien and work didn't seem so bad. I've never been happier to be in my bed Tuesday night and I had even cleaned my sheets before I left (amazinggggg). 

I'm so excited to be home in NYC this weekend for the first time in over a month! Hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend! xo 

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