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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

For a Cozy Fall Weekend

The weather has finally turned (even here in LA!) and I am so excited to start pulling out my cozy sweaters and boots. While I do hear rumors that Santa Ana winds may be heading our way for more warm weather, I'll just enjoy it while it lasts. The last few months have been super hectic. Over at johnnie-O, we launched our new site last week, which was taking up the majority of my time. I'm excited to be back and posting and looking forward to a more regular cadence of posts on MM. Tory and I are heading to the Lumineers concert this Wednesday at Holiday Bowl and I'm SO excited! Beyond that, I have a week in Boston planned, where I can really get my fix of Fall weather and we still have to plan our annual grilled cheese and beer tasting party. Don't you just love Fall?? Tory and I were absolutely swooning over these mini copper cocottes at Williams Sonoma (yes I looked up cocottes). They'd be so fun to use for the butternut squash soup she keeps saying she's going to make but never does : ) 

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